About Jimy Shu

Jimy Shu is a detail oriented and creative fashion designer and fashion illustrator in the industry. He had participated in L.A. Art Show as fashion illustrator in Spring 2013. Jimy begins his first career as a fine art teacher in the His Lai Chinese Elementary School in Hacienda Heights, California for two years. He starts his first fashion related career at Guess Inc. in 2014. At same time he works and collaborates with different artists and designers for more experience to express his creativity.
In fall 2011, Jimy started his fashion design education in FIDM/ Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. Jimy started participating in the Cotton Incorporated competitions from Cotton University. He’s the finalist for all the competitions he has joined. Jimy kept trying to challenge himself in the past few years. After school, he worked with a lot of different artists and clients, bridal wear, evening wear, ready to wear and junior wear. He said “I’m not ready to make every single person to love my designs but I’m ready for everyone to judge my designs.” Yes, he can’t make everyone to love him but the truth is he’s ready, and he’s ready for everyone to judge his works.
E-mail: jshu@jimyshu.com
Instagram: @jimyshu92